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SPENSER is actually rented to guard it gay/ladies legal rights blogger, lecturer, and you may activist, but she’s kidnapped

SPENSER is actually rented to guard it gay/ladies legal rights blogger, lecturer, and you may activist, but she’s kidnapped

Turner, Bradley. Assumes the name out-of Perry Alderson once Alderson disappears off his motorboat for the Eire, Pennsylvania. Jordan Richmond’s paramour, anti-bodies, and you may direct from Last Promise, a brokerage organization to possess terrorism. On occasion

Ty-Bop. Tony Marcus’ “shooter.” One of the best SPENSER has ever viewed. Hundred dollar Little one, Rough weather, New Professional, said during the Sixkill.

U [ ]

Utley, Patricia. A leading group New york madam which assists SPENSER regarding time in order to date. Linda Rabb and you can ing a-sea Horse, Playmates, Quick Vices, Hundred-dollar Child.

V [ ]

Valdez, Eric. This new reporter slain when you’re performing a narrative on the cocaine operation in Wheaton. Bulk. Soft Kings and you may Princes.

Van Meer. Previous Airborne Brigade affiliate on Royal Dutch Armed forces. Presented with a keen Israeli commando equipment, following become an exclusive safeguards institution having Joost. They certainly were the newest assassins hired to help you kill SPENSER, but have been killed because of the him after SPENSER was informed by Pearl II that they had been covering up inside the office. Painted Ladies.

Visco, Joey. Put an eraser on Betty, a great girl in the SPENSER’s classification in school when SPENSER is younger. Chasing after the fresh Bear.

W [ ]

Wallace, Rachel. She gets SPENSER’s good friend and member, notwithstanding the differences. They have an extended collectively helpful relationships. Trying to find Rachel Wallace, A Catskill Eagle, Stardust, Abrupt Mischief.

Woodcock, Dwayne. On the baseball class from the Taft School. Part shaver from the meanest out-of ghettos, don’t understand or establish and unprepared for the future. Playmates, said for the On occasion.

Wu, Lonnie. Vent Area dai reasonable (“elder brother” indeed gang coordinator) for the Kwan Chang tong, hiring and you can tossing kids and offering as the liaison among them and you can the latest tong. Along with Vent Area bistro manager and you may partner out-of Rikki Wu. Discovered dry for the coastline. Strolling Shade.

Y [ ]

Yang, Luis. AKA Animal and King of Rocks. Aunt out-of Boston group frontrunner Jose Yang. He could be new brutish “leader” and you will source of drugs and you will weapons towards the “losers” for the Dowling just who hand out at the “The newest Stones.” College days.

Z [ ]

Zabriskie, Jillian. AKA Jill Joyce.Television star on the an effective a profitable weekly pyschodrama. SPENSER is hired to safeguard their unique and find her stalker. Stardust.

Complete reputation count [ ]

You will find almost 1150 individual characters [from the Godwulf Manuscript thanks to Sixkill], regardless if certain aliases and unnamed people result in the amount unreliable. Along with this type of you will find:

  • During the Potshot, The brand new Dell business which have 40 members
  • Within the Twice Deuce, the new gangs – The fresh new Hobarts, The Crockettes, This new Silks, The newest Dillard Road Posse. If in case ten emails for the for each and every group and then make all in all, forty.
  • For the Opportunity, there are two main Russians just after SPENSER and also the Russian mob is trying control this new Boston region. A maximum of twelve is believed.
  • For the Cooler Solution the fresh new partner and two pupils regarding Luther Gillespie who were slain aren’t entitled, nor is the tavern manager whose throat is clipped.

Bradshaw, Heidi. (AKA Heidi Washburn, Heidi Van Meer) nee Hilda Gretsky. She employs SPENSER is her “insecurity” shield into matrimony out of their unique daughter, Adelaide Van Meer. Rough weather.

Dell, The newest. Forty people in a spiritual providers direct by the Preacher which accumulates defense money from organizations into the Potshot.

Giacomin, Paul. Troubled 15 year old at the beginning of Fall. Disinterested inside everything however, SPENSER transforms your to, in which he turns out are SPENSER’s “adopted” son and you can successful dancer and you will choreographer. Early Trip, Service, The Expanding Gyre, Valediction, Stardust, Hobby, Short Habits, Back Facts, said for the Rough-weather.

Jessup, Tarone. He handles Tony Marcus ‘s the reason team as he are providing time but is after murdered. Chance.

Pearl the beauty Puppy. Susan Silverman’s and SPENSER’s Italian language Shorthaired Pointer hot women Balinese and you may shared “youngster.” She earliest looks in the Activity and that’s using them in every next books up to Widow’s Stroll. Mr. Parker is sometimes find on the back regarding his novels that have their Italian language Shorthaired Tip(s).

Rugar, New Gray People. AKA Mayor McKean while the Kodiak Kid. Israeli federal born in the us. Elite group struck guy; pricey and you can exclusive. Possibly the very risky people on the entire series. He set about three ammo on the SPENSER when you look at the Quick Habits, and you will grabbed him of action for a year. not, he areas SPENSER and it has aided your, and you may occasionally the government. Quick Habits, Cooler Services, Rough weather, Now and then.

Tripp, Loudon. The guy employs SPENSER to discover the murderer of their spouse Olivia. His inspections bounce. His profile was blank. Papers Toy.

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