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Korean Terms of Endearment – Lovely Nicknames and you can Sweet Conditions

Korean Terms of Endearment – Lovely Nicknames and you can Sweet Conditions

Exactly what are the Korean regards to endearment for the appreciated you to? Inside Korea, it is common for people to make use of terms and conditions such as for instance “honey” and you can “babe” to refer on their significant other as opposed to along with their name.

Here is a listing of widely known Korean terms of endearment you can make use of towards one you like.

  • Jagiya (???) – “Honey” otherwise “Baby”
  • Nae sarang (? ??) – “My personal Like”
  • Yeobo (??) – “Honey” otherwise “Darling”
  • Aein (??) – “Sweetheart”
  • Aegiya (???) – “Baby”
  • Naekkeo (??) – “Mine” or “My Lover”
  • Gongjunim (???) – “Princess”
  • Wangjanim (???) – “Prince”
  • Oppa (??) – “Older Aunt” (out of younger feminine)
  • Seobangnim (???) – “Husband”

When you find yourself studying Korean, hitched in order to a beneficial Korean, or want to speak attractive on the boyfriend otherwise girlfriend, then you’ll definitely wish to know these types of Korean terms of endearment. Continue reading to obtain example phrases each of your personal terminology, as well as sounds to train the talking.

Most of the Korean terms of endearment lower than will be in Hangeul (Korean Alphabet) that have romanized Korean alongside they. I encourage studying the newest Korean alphabet so you can know this type of words smaller and get accurate pronunciation.

To be able to look at the Korean alphabet will allow you to preserve the fresh new core Korean words you should understand first. It will improve your total Korean language understanding plan.

Korean Terminology away from Endearment

Before, we provided you a quick listing of the typical Korean words of endearment you need to have calling that special someone to you otherwise your partner. This time around, we’re going to getting looking better to the these types of regards to endearment. Such regards to endearment is sound familiar to you because these will be languages you’ll commonly tune in to during the intimate Korean dramas.

step one. Jagiya (???) – “Honey” otherwise “Baby”

Possibly the best of your Korean regards to love ranging from partners it indicates “honey,” “darling,” or “baby,” which you are able to usually hear one of people in K-dramas. You can also just reduce it to help you ?? (jagi). Utilize this term along with Korean like sentences. It’s used for both males and females.

2. Nae sarang (? ??) – “My Love”

It name regarding endearment is also actually end up being interpreted as the “my personal like.” It is similar to ??? (jagiya) in the manner partners put it to use. This title can be used that have both males and females.

step three. Yeobo (??) – “Honey” or “Darling”

It translates as “honey” or “darling.” It’s put solely anywhere between maried people. You’ve got heard about so it name of a husband otherwise partner from inside the Korean dramas. It identity can be used for both men and women.

4. Aein (??) – “Sweetheart”

“Sweetheart” is the closest interpretation because of it title away from endearment. ?? (ae within the | sweetheart) is actually gender-neutral. This means you can now use ?? (ae from inside the | sweetheart) the help of its mate otherwise whenever discussing someone’s partner.

5. Aegiya (???) – “Baby”

The word ?? (aegi) try a lovely technique for claiming ?? (agi), which means “little one. It Korean title is used due to the fact a nice technique for claiming “baby”.

If you are intending to move otherwise visit your Korean partner’s nearest and dearest into the Korea and want to become agency SingleSlavic index login familiar with Korean people, you can check all of our full guide right here.

6. Naekkeo (??) – “Mine” otherwise “My Lover”

You might translate that it term away from love since “mine” or “my personal lover.” It’s a supplementary adorable technique for speaking. You could fool around with ?? + ? (name + kkeo), definition “mine”.

seven. Gongjunim (???) – “Princess”

“Princess” is actually a phrase from endearment a person may use when speaking with his girlfriend. The definition of ??(gongju) form little princess, and ? (nim) region is an official label. It is similar to discussing the girlfriend as if this woman is royalty.

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